Rules of Confidentiality

Date of the latest change: 24 May 2018

1. Why Rules of Confidentiality?

1.1 These Rules of Confidentiality are designed to tell you what personal information we collect, why, and how we use it.

1.2 Our Rules of Confidentiality also explain how to access your personal information and how to update it.

2. The personal data which we collect

2.1 When creating your account, you provide us with personal information, your username and your email address, which are saved in your account (hereinafter your ‘Personal Data’).

2.2 Your IP address is stored to avoid cheating and to permanently block users that do not respect the rules. When you play, we do not collect any other personal data, and we do not use cookies other than session cookies.

2.3 Except for the information mentioned in paragraph 2.1 above and the postal address of the person making payment by PayPal, no other personal information about your payment is provided to us.

2.4 Your Personal Data will be destroyed within the year following closure of your account or at the expiry of the statutory deadlines.

3. How we use the data which we collect?

3.1 The data we collect allows us only to provide, manage, protect and improve our Game.

3.2 We may use your email address to keep you informed, for example, of future changes or improvements. Any use of data for purposes other than those mentioned here will require your explicit consent.

3.3 We process your Personal Data on servers located in France and the European Union. Your personal data are therefore unlikely to be processed on a server located outside the European Union.

4. How should you manage your player account and Personal Data?

4.1 In accordance with the French Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978, all Players have a right to access and correct the information which concerns them, and they may exercise this right by contacting [email protected]. You may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of data which concerns you. The Player is warned that it is only possible to change a username for legitimate reasons.

4.2 You may access your Player account at to update, correct or delete your Personal Data and to terminate your account if you wish.

5. Information you share with third parties thanks to Undercards

5.1 Our instant messaging service (Chat) enables you to share your data with other people, entirely at your own risk.

5.2 Remember that when you share information publicly on Chat, it can be collected and indexed by third parties.

6. Personal Data which we share with third parties

6.1 No data will be communicated to third parties for the purposes of advertising purposes as part of our Game.

6.2 We will share your data only in the following circumstances:

7. Security of your Personal Data

7.1 We implement all necessary safety measures to protect our Players against any unauthorized access and modification, unauthorized disclosure, or destruction of, the Personal Data we hold for you.

7.2 We encrypt our services thanks to an encryption certificate from The connection is encrypted and authenticated using a protocol (TLS 1.2), an exchange of keys (ECDHE_ECDSA with P-256) and encryption (AES_128_GCM).

7.3 We conduct internal audits of our data collection, storage and processing of data, including physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our services.

7.4 Access to personal data is restricted to our employees or sub-contractors who need access to them in order to process them on our behalf. These people are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and may be subject to penalties for failure to observe them.

8. What cookies do we use?

8.1 We inform you that the site uses time-limited browser cookies, necessary for the operation of the Game. According to Article 32-II of the French Data Protection Law, these cookies, purely technical in nature, do not require the prior consent of site users. You may object to the use of cookies by following, for example, the procedure mentioned by the CNIL on its website ( However, if cookies are disabled, the site may encounter operational difficulties or may not function, and Undercards will not accept any liability for this.

9. Compliance with French law

9.1 We observe French regulations concerning the personal data of our Players. Undercards has disclosed to the CNIL its exploitation of personal data, under number 2047366 v 0. 9.2 This Confidentiality Charter is issued pursuant to Simplified Regulation No. NS-048 concerning the automated processing of personal data relating to customer and prospects management, which can be consulted at